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Baby Nail Trimmer

Baby Nail Trimmer

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Baby Nail Trimmer

Regular price $34.95
Sale price $34.95 Regular price $40.00
SAVE 12% Sold out

The Baby Nail Care Set lets you safely trim down your baby's nails without the need for sharp scissors!

Simply attach the trimmer pad suitable for your child's age and gradually file down their nails! The trimmer pads make your baby's nails smooth and don't leave sharp edges that may scratch their delicate skin. We've also included a metal pad and cone so parents can file down their nails too!

✔ Safe nail filing for soft and developing nails.

✔ Five grinding pads varying in strength

✔ Pressure-activated arrest system to prevent injury

Perfect Manicure Every time 

Your baby's nails look prettier when they're properly trimmed, but you can't seem to find the right file. This is the perfect tool to shorten the nails of the whole family with a soft and comfortable filing. 99.9% of nails are properly trimmed safely.

Stress free 

As new parents, we dread the moment when it's time to cut baby's nails. The fear of hurting him or even hurting him can be very scary. More effective than an ordinary nail clipper, the file is easily used on the entire nail. With the polishing pads, baby's nails will be smooth without leaving any sharp edges that could scratch their delicate skin.

Suitable for All Ages 

Suitable for infants, through children, to adults, the whole family can enjoy it!

Product Specs

Dimensions: 15.5 x 8.5 x 5"

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