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LED Bathtub Toys

LED Bathtub Toys

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LED Bathtub Toys

Regular price $29.95
Sale price $29.95 Regular price $70.00
SAVE 57% Sold out

Get Ready to Light Up Your Kid's Bath Time!

Make bath time fun and enjoyable for your kids with these amazing LED light up toys! These toys will light up your kids' baths with their vibrant colors and add a touch of excitement to their bath time.

✔ Bright and vibrant LED lights that will make bath time more enjoyable

✔ Waterproof and buoyant design that can be used in the bathtub

✔ Comes with a variety of fun shapes and colors to choose from


Stimulate the Senses

These LED lights will stimulate the senses of children in the bath, creating a fun and exciting atmosphere. Kids will love being able to watch the lights change colors and explore the different shapes and sizes that the toys come in.


Along with being fun, these LED light up toys also provide educational benefits. They can help children learn about colors, shapes, and sizes as they explore the different toys. 


The toys are made from high-quality materials that are designed to last. They are waterproof and buoyant, making them perfect for use in the bathtub.

Easy to Use

The toys are easy to use and operate. Kids can simply turn them on and watch as the lights change colors


The toys are designed with safety in mind. They have no sharp edges and are made from non-toxic materials that are safe for kids to use.


Material: Non-toxic plastic

Waterproof and buoyant design

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