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Travel Brain 3D Puzzles for All

Travel Brain 3D Puzzles for All

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Travel Brain 3D Puzzles for All

Regular price $24.95
Sale price $24.95 Regular price $34.95
SAVE 28% Sold out

Enjoy Endless Fun On-the-Go with Travel Brain 3D Puzzles!

Meet "Travel Brain 3D Puzzles for All" – your fun travel game with 120 easy-to-hard puzzles. It's small, so you can take it anywhere, and it's great for everyone, from kids to grown-ups. Enjoy playing and learning with family and friends, anytime, anywhere!

✔ Portable Fun 120 Puzzles

✔ All Ages Kids to Adults

✔ Educational Sharpens Skills

Hours of Fun: Enjoy many hours of fun with 120 different puzzles that get your brain thinking. There are easy ones and hard ones for everyone to try.

Take It Anywhere: This game is small and easy to carry, perfect for trips. It has a special cover so you won't lose any pieces when you're moving around.

Learn While Playing: Playing this game helps you get better at planning and understanding space, which are important skills to have.

For Everyone: Whether you're 6 years old or an adult, this game is great for the whole family to play together.

New Ways to Solve: The game uses 3D pieces, which means you'll need to think in different ways to find the solutions, making it a fun challenge.

Product Specs

  • Multicolor
  • Compact Board, 10 Puzzle Pieces, Solution Guide

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